Planning, implementation and follow-up constitute the basis of our operations

Assessment provides specific information on needs. The winning team of the future invests today in goal-orientedness, productivity and total operational quality both inside and outside of the company. Goal-orientedness and productivity require effectiveness at the individual level and support for success at the organisational level. Total quality comprises quality at the client interface and efficiency and results of internal operations

Developing the workplace community requires information on the present state and vision on needs, expectations and experiences. The internal assessment of the workplace community provides specific information on the pulse of the community activities, atmosphere and company management.


An essential part of the Nordic Progress operations concept is a comprehensive preliminary assessment and briefing of the assignment to guide the development and recruiting process. Planning includes a client-specific personalised planning, implementation and follow-up of the recruiting and development process. A comprehensive assessment of the client’s current situation and needs is carried out, providing a basis for defining the actual goals of the project.


At Nordic Progress, the same person will be attending the client throughout the development and recruiting process. Our experienced consultants consider our clients’ needs and provide clear operational models, whether it is related to choosing personnel, developing strategies or changing the procedures of the organization. Our implementation processes are strictly scheduled and firmly supervised.


After securing the result, cooperation with the client continues by appropriate follow-up. In recruitment, our contact person is involved in the process after the personnel choices as well. A successful recruitment is guaranteed by open dialogue and the active follow-up of induction of the new employee.